Life Update: February 2018

Hey you guys! I know I’ve been a little bit scarce lately and I do apologize. I had a lot of great posts that I was working on for this month but things don’t always go as planned… that’s how life works, isn’t it?

Sometimes unexpected things can bring great joy and at other times they can bring us pain and sorrow. Sometimes our plans get changed because we aren’t following the plan God has laid out for us and He needs to redirect us. Whatever the reason for my delays I have had plenty of time to sit and reflect this past week.


The month started out busy as usual with our homeschool, square dancing, and just everyday stuff we do. Aren’t the kids so cute dressed up for the square dance? They are really loving the chance to go to the dances and will hopefully be starting class soon.

We have also been a bit busy with the clubs as we have started new classes and have some upcoming events planned. The guys will also be calling at a new club next month. (Check out Mr. Awesome’s Facebook page @shanelittlebearperez for more info.) There have been several events this month including the Blue-Grey Dance in Lake City, FL and the 64th Annual State Convention that was held in Daytona. (I had been planning for this event since last February!)

Well, as many of you may know I have been having some major vehicle problems since we moved last year. I had been saving up my money to buy something new or make a down payment on something. Earlier this month Mr. Awesome (he gets this name for many great reasons) surprised me when he came home with a new grocery getter!


I never thought I would actually drive a bus but now I do. It is surprisingly very easy to drive and maneuver into parking spaces. Now we have plenty of room to haul our combined brood wherever we want to go without splitting up into two or more vehicles. Yay!

So, where did we go to celebrate? The zoo, of course! We bought a family membership last year and now we have a way to go so we will be putting it to great use.


The kids had a ball and so did we but I was so tired when we finished! Thankfully the kids were pretty exhausted too and everyone had an early bedtime.

There wasn’t much rest for Momma that following week with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, events to attend, and my birthday! My kids surprised me with a peacock themed cake and many peacock themed gifts.

27973735_10215207822452490_7427759622142427461_n (1).jpg

The Friday following my birthday I had woke up with a pain that I associated with a kidney stone. That evening the pain subsided quite a bit and I assumed that it had passed.

One of my older daughters came to babysit so we could have a night out as well. We went to eat at Red Lobster… I love the coconut shrimp even though I couldn’t each much at all. The week went by in kinda of a blur and I was so exhausted and just not feeling well that I almost stayed home for the weekend but we had a special dance to attend to.

Well, the pain would come and go throughout the weekend and I found myself to be getting more and more easily fatigued with normal things. Mr. Awesome knew something was wrong and kept insisting that I should go to the doctor.

I am stubborn and kept thinking it would just go away. I kept pushing through the pain and pushing myself to keep going until Wednesday of the following week when I just couldn’t go any longer. Off to the ER I went where I was diagnosed with a raging UTI and a butt kicking kidney infection. (They also found stones in my right kidney which was no surprise to me.)

After a followup with the doctor and a second trip to the ER, for an IV and another round of antibiotics, I can finally say I feel like I am on the way to getting better. I know that I still have the stones to deal with but I am praying that they hold off until my body is a bit better healed from this.

This recovery process has been very painful and tough for me but I am ever so thankful that I went in when I did or things would’ve been so much worse. The pain is still running throughout my body and I am dealing with various other issues but I have faith that this too shall pass.

This ordeal has also been quite stressful at times as I’ve always worried about who would look after the kids and keep things going when I got sick. My worries were quickly relieved as Mr. Awesome took control and he has been running the house for the past few days. He is even cooking dinner right now as I type.

All in all I know that God will use this for the good and He will give me the strength I need to recover from this. I thank Him for sending me friends and family that have helped and supported me through this too. I am thankful that God has taken care of me and my family and that He has a bigger plan. He put us right where we needed to be because He knew what we would need when this happened.

There is so much I want to say but my poor brain just won’t focus enough at the moment.  The biggest lesson I learned through all of this is that I do need to pay more attention to my body. I am thankful that He has chosen to given me a bit more time here with my loved ones and I will strive to make each day the best I can for each and every person I meet.

4 thoughts on “Life Update: February 2018

  1. Hi Susie, awesome blog and so great to get your family’s update. I am so sorry to hear you’ve not been well. I pray all is moving in the right direction now. Please take care of yourself, dances are not the same without you. Love you, Linda

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