Drying Food, Farm Bingo, And A Trip To The Library

Yet another forgotten post. Just a reminder of how crazy our life got last year… I do enjoy looking back over these memories though! This was from October 2018…

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We’ve had a busy week with drying food, farm bingo, and the a trip to the library mixed in with our regularly scheduled actitivites. These were just a few of the topics we covered in our second week of our Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventure.

Once again the kids are loving this adventure and it has encouraged them to learn so much and they are constantly seeking out answers to new questions they come up with. While this can get quite annoying at time, hey… I’m being honest…., I know that this is an important part of learning.

We started off by reading Chapters 3 & 4 in the Little House in the Big Woods. We always have a nice discussion after reading so the kids can ask/answer questions. They look forward to hearing more about Laura’s adventures in the Big Woods.

We are still working out of our Ray’s Arithmetic Books, and still working on fractions. The younger kids are working on some other activities in math and they love working with Spielgaben set too.  (I thought I had some pictures but I can’t find them.)

We also studied about Arkansas and completed our notebooking pages. The kids also learned all about firearms from their history to gun safety. This is such an important thing to teach all kids as you just never know when they might come across a gun and they need to know how to handle the situation. Mr. Awesome helped out with these lessons which the kids thought was awesome!


The kids also started learning about Louis Pasteur and we picked up a few books on him when we went to the library. They also picked up some more movies and a few other books as well as some really yummy smelling scratch and sniff bookmarks… that reminds me that I need to get the ingredients for Root Beer Floats! Those book marks make me crave one everytime I smell them.


In Science we learned All About Owls and of course we had to try drawing some owls for art:

We also studied about the respiratory system and did a few fun experiments like this one here:


We studied pioneer food preservation methods and compared them to methods used today.

The kids were really interested in drying food so we had some with breakfast. They decided to give it a try for themselves on Saturday while I worked on my window project.

They cut them up and everything! Little chefs in the making.

They also helped with dinner that week:

We worked on some other Life Skills as well and made sure to include some fun activities as well:

I love seeing how much fun they are having as they learn. They are all so eager to learn and it just makes my heart happy!


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