Fun And Unusual Holidays To Celebrate In January (2018)

**This post contains affiliate links with which I may earn a tiny kickback if a purchase is made.

I know, I know it’s already the middle of January and I’m just now getting this list out and I do apologize. I promise I’ll do better! I kinda dropped these posts a while back but I know I like to find all of the fun and unusual holidays to celebrate with my kids so I am determined to start doing these again!

I do have the monthly links on Kirby Kid’s page or you can click this link January Holidays.

Below is the updated list for 2018:

New Year’s Day (1st)  ** See New Year’s Day for crafts and activities.

National Spaghetti Day (4th) Check out our favorite Spaghetti Sauce recipe.

Bubble Bath Day (8th)

National Take the Stairs Day – second Wednesday of month.

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (3rd Monday in January)

**See Martin Luther King Jr. Day for crafts and activities.

Winnie the Pooh Day (18th)  Winnie The Pooh Day

**See Winnie The Pooh Day for crafts and activities.

National Popcorn Day  (19th)

Penguin Awareness Day (20th) Here are some super cute activities.

National Cheese Lover Day (20th) I have a child who will really love this day!

National Hugging Day (21st) Yellow Rocks!!!

National Blonde Brownie Day (22nd) See our recipe here.

National Pie Day (23rd) Check out this easy recipe.  (Link will update soon.)

Compliment Day (24th) Make someone’s day with these cards or try this list. (Link will update soon.)

Opposite Day (25th) **See Opposites Day for crafts and activities.

Chocolate Cake Day (27th) This Earthquake Cake or Chocolate Sheet cake would be so good!

National Kazoo Day (28th) Check out these fun kazoos!

National Puzzle Day (29th)  Celebrate National Puzzle Month with 15% Off Puzzles at Melissa & Doug. Use Code Puzzle15

Backward Day (31st)

**See Backwards Day for crafts and activities.

Homeschool: January on Pinterest for crafts/activities related to the month of January.



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