10 Things To Do When It Feels Like Your World Is Falling Apart

I know we’ve all been there a time or two in our lives, if you haven’t then you should still keep reading so you can be prepared for when it does eventually happen to you. We get comfortable in our lives and everything seems like it is going along so well. We have a good job and our lives are stable. Our home life seems pretty good too and everyone seems happy for the most part. Then it happens. It turns our lives upside down and tears our world apart, at least that’s the way it feels at the moment.It can be a death, a sudden move, an accident, a job loss, a loss of a friend, or something that just turns our lives upside down. It can feel so overwhelming and we begin to question everything. We question whether it was our fault, whether we should’ve seen it coming, whether or not there was something we could’ve done to prevent it. Sometimes we even question our faith and our God.

We just need to understand that all things, good or bad, are a part of God’s plans. We can learn from every situation and each and every situation is designed to help us grow in one way or another.

Here are some helpful tips to help get through those difficult times in life.

  1. Ask God for help. He is there whether you want to cry, scream, or just talk. He already knows all the details.
  2. Stay focused, if there is an emergency situation you want to make the right decisions. In emergency situations I found that I can ‘detach’ myself a bit so that I can think clearly and stay rational. It’s not an easy thing to do and you will still have to deal with the emotional aspects at a later time.
  3. Stay put, if possible, and try to wait the situation out a bit. Things may not be as bad as they first seem and they may fix themselves.
  4. Stick to your morals if there is any decision to be made. Explore your options and don’t back down or take the easy way out if goes against what you believe in.
  5. Don’t hold it in. Ask your family and friends for support and advice. No matter what has happened you need to have someone to confide in.
  6. When things calm down a bit then take a moment to look over the entire situation or event. Try to be objective as you examine what has happened so that you can understand it better.
  7. Don’t blame yourself! We are all human and we make mistakes. We all miss warning signs at some point or another.
  8. Get plenty of rest. You may think you are handling a situation well but stress can and will take its toll on you. Make sure you are eating and sleeping well.
  9. Read the Bible and find answers and comfort there.
  10. Try journalling. It can help a lot to write things out and then come back to them at a later date. You can write out how you feel or just random thoughts that come to mind. It can make you feel a lot better just getting it out.

We also need to remember that everything in life is temporary and that whatever is going on will pass and it will get better with time.  Just take things one day at a time and focus on today and what needs to get done, let tomorrow worry about tomorrow until you can handle more.


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