Product Review: Russian Piping Tips by Asani


So this weekend was really cold, again, and the kids were getting a bit antsy while being cooped up in the house. Luckily Momma has a drawer full of items that need tested out and the kids really wanted to help. They have been begging me to make cupcakes so I decided to give these Russian Piping Tips a try. (Yep, Affiliate Link… so if you did decided to purchase these I might get a small little kickback.)

We had so much fun! Momma baked the cupcakes and made some homemade icing.  (I did make it a little softer than normal so the kids would have an easier time with it.

These were so easy for little hands to use! I can’t wait to really try them out for myself!

Some of the kids wanted multiple flowers… can’t say I blame them as the icing was really good.

Then other flowers in a different color.

Everybody chose a different design to use.

The kids absolutely loved getting to decorate their cupcakes and make a cupcake bouquet.

Of course not all of them turned out as well as expected so they turned them into….

Unicorn Poop cupcakes… lol.

I’m sure you’ll all see more cakes made with this set as I’m already looking forward to the next birthday cake I need to make.

A big thank you to Asani for allowing us to try these out. You can see more about these tips on our YouTube channel….


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