Anybody Else Have The Day After Christmas Blues?

We survived Christmas! However the house is a complete wreck. I’ll post some pics below. This Christmas, actually this whole year, has been unlike any other before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it has been hard because we’ve been knocked out of routine so many times. However we always get back on track, eventually, and find our normal again. (Our normal varies from day to day with so many kiddos and their special needs.)

Yesterday was a really good day even though it was a bit stressful and so crazy busy. We did the normal opening gifts at home:

Then we walked next door to Papa and Nanny’s house to open a few more:

And play with the doggies too:

Then it was back home to eat breakfast and change clothes:

Then time to head to big sister’s place to eat and spend a little time with all of my kiddos under one roof:

Then back home again to make some macaroni and cheese and a very special dessert:

(Recipe links coming soon)

Do you see my new pot? It’s so pretty! It was the perfect size for the Mac n cheese too!

After we ate we made eggnog (my first time trying this) and enjoyed a couple of cups before heading home.

(I’ll try to get the recipe for this.)

We didn’t want to leave but William’s impending werewolf transformation was about to happen and we needed to get him home… you just had to be there for that.

All in all it was a wonderful day but so busy. It was so good to see my kids, all of them in one place, but not enough time. So yes, today I am feeling just a little blue.

I know we’ll see each other again soon though and today is gonna be a busy day here too as our house is a wreck and we need to get back on routines so we don’t have kids turning into werewolves!

Have a happy day after Christmas!

Here is the current state of part of our house… no judgement please 🙂


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