Are Your Gifts Wrapped?

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Where did time go? It seems time just skips away so fast sometimes.

We have had a pretty productive day here, the most productive day in a while. I managed to get a new dust catcher made for Mr. Awesome’s saw. He had asked me awhile back but I just hadn’t managed to get around to it.

I think it turned out great. I also managed to sew the tail back on Jacob’s stuffed cat too.

My ex-husband also come to visit the kiddos. He brought them all some gifts which they were very excited about. I wrapped his gift from them not long before he got here and that was the only gift I’ve managed to wrap so far! Then he asked me if he could borrow the Santa suit.

I needed to dig out the Santa suit which was packed away and of course the tote it was in was all the way in the back. We pulled everything out and then Mr. Awesome helped me rearrange some of the heavy stuff. While the kids were down for naps I sorted and restocked everything so it is organized…. it’s amazing how much better it looks and how much more room we have.

While doing this project I found all of the Christmas decorations… better late than never, right? I kept out some of the smaller ones and found the star for the top. After checking for little critters I brought the boxes in so we could finally decorate the tree. Then we gave the porch a good sweeping and it looks so much better.

We decided to have our Christmas dinner tomorrow as some other plans got changed around. I went grocery shopping while Mr. Awesome kept the kids entertained. Boy was the store packed! Normally I do my best not to wait until the last minute but not having a working vehicle has been a pain!

I got all of the stuff for tomorrow’s dinner, stuff to make some Santa pancakes, stuff for Christmas dinner with my daughter, stuff to make fudge, stuff for a special dessert (look for that new recipe soon), and the rest of the stuff I need for this coming week. Whew! I was tired after all that shopping.

After making it home I found the kids playing outside and Mr. Awesome wanted to go out on the dock. (This has been pretty much impossible since we moved in but Olivia and I had rearranged the bedroom so we could get out easily.) We went out and cleaned off the dock which had a lot of broken limbs that had come down during the hurricane. Another thing off the To-Do list and it is so nice to be able to go out there. Now to put up a porch railing or maybe screen it in and it’ll be even more enjoyable.


After eating dinner and getting baths we decorated the tree. Yay! The kids were so excited and the tree is so cute!

Didn’t they do such a good job? I just need to find somewhere safe to put our Precious Moments Santa now.

I guess better finish this up as Mr. Awesome is wrapping gifts and he can’t find the scissors… lol. (Olivia is the only one who has wrapped gifts so far!) I have been packing the gifts away in boxes which are now blocking the kitchen doorway!

As you can see Mr. Awesome has figured out how to use the privacy screen and had barricaded himself in the kitchen. ☺️

I’ve never been one to wait until the last minute but there is always a first for everything. This year’s experience has made me determined this isn’t going to happen again. We do have a few items that didn’t make it here on time but they will get here when they get here and it will all be ok.

I guess I should peek in the kitchen… not to try and sneak a peek at any gifts that might be for me… to help him wrap so maybe he will help me a little too. 😏

Post Update: As of 3:00 am this morning all the gifts were wrapped and I even had time to post a couple of Youtube videos like this one.

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