Kids Driving You Bonkers Yet?

Well, I hope your kids aren’t making you too crazy yet… I’ve already stepped off the loco train a long time ago when I decided to homeschool but that’s another story. Here are a few crafts to keep those entertained and hopefully out of your hair. (I’ve also included a couple of affiliate links to some crafts you can buy on Amazon… at no extra charge to you! You’re welcome!)

Christmas Activity: Wreck-It Ralph Gingerbread House

Popsicle snowflake crafts

Egg carton snow man craft

Christmas Paper Decorations

Freebie Alert: Pinocchio Lunch Bag Puppet

Freebie Alert: Rapunzel’s Frying Pan Plates

Freebie Alert: Star Wars Light Saber Printable

Freebie Alert! Disney Bookmark Craft

See New Year’s Day for crafts and activities.

FREE Download: 10 Snacks Your Kids Can Make

Crafting Deals:


You can also check out my Pinterest and Facebook pages for more ideas and inspiration to keep those little hands busy!


Merry Christmas!

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