Exploding Raisins

This morning has been slow and painful. I’ve not felt well at all and the weather isn’t helping.

Last night was our square dance graduation, which we have all been anxiously awaiting, and what should’ve been a ton of fun was almost more than I could stand.

Graduation is a secret event and only graduated dancers and the dancers who are graduating are allowed to attend. This has been in planning for quite a while and had been postponed a couple of times because of weather and other delays.

Well as luck would have it I started feeling ill yesterday morning. I’ve been dealing with fibroids and such which are miserable enough but I had other things going on too. By last night I had a migraine and I was in pain from head to toe with a fibro flare. On top of all that I kept feeling sick to my stomach and bouts of dizziness had me ready to just sit out of all the activities.

As I sat outside waiting until we could go in I was tempted to just go home. Then everyone else started arriving and the excitement on their faces was hard to hide. Everyone was excited but a bit nervous too as we didn’t know what to expect.

Everyone had worked so hard to get to this point that I didn’t want to damper the night so I hung in there and I was glad I did. It turned out to be quite a bit of fun and now we can all say we are graduated dancers.

There were some very unique activities planned, which I can’t talk about as I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but I will say there may have been some raw eggs and blindfolds involved! We also had some great refreshments and a beautiful cake had been made for the event.

When I got home I managed to get changed and that was all I remember. I know I was hungry and thirsty but I just couldn’t do anymore and my body gave out. I woke up about 5:00 this morning and then back to sleep.

I could hear the kids playing in their rooms for a bit and then Jacob came to ask me if we could have oatmeal instead of muffins.

He has been asking for cinnamon oatmeal for a few days now… I didn’t know he liked oatmeal so much. When I finally made it to the kitchen it was about 9:30! I can’t remember the last time I stayed in bed that long.

I grabbed a couple of ibuprofen for my headache and took my vitamins. Then I made a cup of coffee which is still sitting there as I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach again.

When I got the oatmeal out Jacob came into the kitchen to help me. He was so excited to finally get his cinnamon oatmeal. This kid loves cinnamon! He measured, poured, and stirred. He watched as we made everything and he was so excited when the bowls were ready.

When everyone sat down to eat I reminded them to blow on it as it was a bit hot. Everyone began to eat and say how good it was except Jacob. He took a bite and declared he didn’t like oatmeal anymore. Then Joey started whining that he didn’t like it either. My poor head started throbbing.

He wanted some kind of fruit in it… all I could think of was raisins. Raisins sounded good to him and we went to the kitchen. I had a new box sitting on the counter and when I went to open them they exploded everywhere!

Just what I needed, right? Well Jacob was so excited that it was raining raisins he stopped his whining and started chasing raisins and gobbling them up. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while… well maybe the funniest thing since last night as those guys where pretty funny with their ‘tails’… 🤫, and I started laughing in spite of my throbbing head.

I gave him a handful of raisins to add to his oatmeal and then Joey had some too. Everyone else was content with their oatmeal as it was.

Now breakfast is over and everyone is tending to their chores and being as quiet as can be expected.

My head is still throbbing but my I am in good spirits. I know that this too shall pass and God gives us these little trials to prepare us for bigger things that are coming. He also provides us with comic relief in unexpected ways like exploding raisins.<<


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