Oh What A Day!

**Please note this post does contain affiliate links to which I may, possibly, earn a small commission from if you click on and purchase an item. For full disclosure click here.

This week has been a good week, and yesterday was a very good day. We have gotten a lot accomplished around the house as I actually have some energy since I’ve been remembering to take my vitamins! What a difference they make!

Yesterday we got a few chores finished up, got our school work finished, and we cleaned off the porch! Yes, I know in Tuesday’s post I was really considering getting a storage unit but now I feel much better about the state of our porch and it is way more appealing than it was.

I also installed some new motion sensor LED light bulbs that I’m hoping will make a big difference in the electric bill. (I originally only bought two to try them out but they work so well I bought two more!) I had installed some new LED flood lights in the big light at the end of the porch but it wasn’t working correctly so I’ve gotten this new fixture for Mr. Awesome to install. (I bought these bulbs for inside too.)

The kids were really excited to help with the porch clean up as it made more space for them to play. Since the porch is covered they can also go out there when it’s rainy and I love that I can send them out there to get them outta my hair for a bit.

I’ve gotten quite a few boxes opened up, installed the new printer, and received some more samples boxes like this one. I have really enjoyed trying out the Honest teas and the Gold Peak Chai latte which reminds me of pumpkin spice, a perfect Fall drink. These sample boxes are kind of like a little treat to myself and I get to try out things I might not normally buy. Also some of the ones I opened yesterday had some really neat stuff that DD18 liked. She wanted one of the boxes as an early Christmas gift. (She thought this one would be a good gift for one of the guys as well.)

I am also working on some new YouTube videos and we have come up with some pretty neat ideas. Just finding the time to work on them can be quite challenging though.

Ohhh! I almost forgot that I also opened up my box from Grove Collaborators  and I was super impressed. I am in love with this company. I chose one product with each of their special holiday scents and they smell so good. The kids think that the hand soap smells like candy which is good unless they try to eat it. The pine scented all purpose cleaner had me longing for the mountains of Virginia where I grew up. This time of year was busy with the tree farms and I love the smell of fresh pine. What a better scent for this time of year?

Well, I need to get off here and work on some videos and such. I am excited to get all of these finished so I can show you all some of the great things I’ve found. I’m also working on setting up a new page with all of these FREEBIE deals I’ve been finding. It’s a lot of work finding great stuff for FREE and I just want to share all of my finds with all of you!

I hope you are enjoying my posts. A lot of our latest purchases will save us time, money, and energy which are all things everyone needs more of. Be sure to like and follow my page as I will be posting more FREEBIES, Christmas crafts and recipes, and other great things that I’ve found as I bump along my path here.

Let me know in the comments what deals you’ve found lately.


This post contains affiliate links. 


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