Almost a Victim of Online Fraud

Recently I was almost the victim of fraud. I check my accounts regularly for suspicious activity as I have had issues in the past. I noticed an email from my credit card company that let me know about this suspicious activity.

The charge was awaiting my approval and when I checked with the online store I saw a product, a very nice but expensive laptop, sitting in my cart. I did not remember putting that in there or even looking at it. With all the chaos that comes with the holidays I thought maybe, perhaps, I had looked at it and forgot. Or maybe one of the kids had done it? I normally make it a habit to logout of all accounts though.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I received a call from a number I did not know. I didn’t answer it and they left me a voicemail which I just received today when I went to town… we don’t get very good cell reception here sometimes. It was Dave from the customer service department at one of the online stores I use a lot and he informed me that there was a problem with my account. Huh?

Well after a phone call I found out that fraudulent activity had been noted on my account. My account had been hacked but they had noticed the activity and proactively deactivated my account. I was able to provide the security information to reactivate my account and all is well again, I hope. Just a reminder that we really need to be extra vigilant during this holiday season.

With the holiday season it is can be easy to overlook or miss charges on your statements. See how you can prevent online fraud.











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