Product Review: Olympus 10 x 50 Binoculars and EYESKEY Binocular Harness

**Please note this post does contain affiliate links to which I may, possibly, earn a small commission from if you click on and purchase an item. For full disclosure click here.

Hey there! Are you still looking for a gift for your husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, or other male on your list? Are they an avid outdoorsman or hunter? Then I have the perfect gift(s) for them.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to give these @Olympus 10×50 Binoculars a try while out hunting with Mr. Awesome. Boy were they AMAZING! These are by far the best binoculars I have ever used. I could easily see the little birds in the bushes and would have definitely been able to count the points on a buck if I had seen one. The only problem I had with them was that they were heavy and they hurt my neck to carry them by the included strap.

Well, Mr. Awesome came to the rescue with this binocular harness by @EYESKEY. The harness was easy to attach to these binoculars and just as easy to detach when needed. The material is extremely lightweight and breathable which is important when you are wearing layers upon layers. This harness kept the binoculars close to me so they weren’t getting caught up on brush as we went through the woods but it also allowed me quick and easy access to them so I could look for potential game when we heard a noise.

In my opinion these would make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or Just Because.

This post contains affiliate links.


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