Square Dancing: Fall Festival Carnival Dance

Today we attended the NEFSARDA Fall Festival Carnival Dance at Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Beaches. There was a wonderful turnout and lots of lively dancing. I’m still a bit dizzy from all the whirling and twirling we did!

The afternoon started with many local and not so local callers. We danced to (in no particular order) Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez, Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, Bill Chestnut, Rod Barngrover, Ellis Lindsey, Robert Padgett, Charlie Pergossi, Mark Fetzer, Jim Cosman, John Robbins, Bob Ormsbee, and Mike Preskitt from Anchorage, Alaska. (I apologize if I left anyone out.)

Later in the evening we had the privilege of dancing to Caller Matt Worley, from Virginia Beach, with his unique light up shoes. Jimmy and Carol Griffin were also there to cue the Round Dancing.

We appreciate all the hard work put into the dance and we had a wonderful time. Below are some pictures and videos from the dance.

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