Lawry’s Garlic Salt

I know this is something silly to post about but I really love this stuff!

I love garlic and garlic salt is a must have in my pantry. I recently had to buy some more and found this brand, Lawry’s, which I hadn’t used before. I liked the fact that it also had parsley with it too.

I’ve used it on so many different things and it’s always delicious. I especially like to use it in mashed potatoes. The little bit of parsley in it provides a small pop of color too.

Tonight I sprinkled it on some fish when I was making Broiled Parmesan Tilapia and it provided just enough flavor to take it to another level.

If you haven’t tried this brand I highly recommend that you give it a try. I’m going to grab another bottle when I go grocery shopping again because I don’t want to run out.


Start Date: Mar 9 , 2013
End Date: Ongoing
Type: Evergreen


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