Homeschool: Acorn Crafts

What a better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with some fun crafts? This week we are doing some different Fall themed crafts so I’ll try to take some pictures and post them so you can use them in your home as well. Most kids love art projects and mine love ones that involve scissors and glue. (They love glitter too but I’m not that brave today…lol.)

For the craft we did today you need to search for an acorn template or maybe use this one here:

acorn template.jpegNext you will need:

  • brown and/or black construction paper or tissue paper
  • glue
  • markers or crayons

I divided each sheet of paper into quarters and let the kids tear the paper into small pieces. They then glued these onto the paper.


The tearing of the paper is very soothing to some kids and helps with fine motor skills. It can also help to build up those little muscles in your hands that are so important for holding pencils and such. It also helps with hand/eye coordination. DS14 has some trouble with all of these areas and this is a fun way to help him that everyone enjoys.

They tore and glue until they were happy with their artwork.

Then they practiced writing their names on the artwork. This project could be done in so many different ways. I really wanted to collect leaves and such from outside to make these acorn collages but I am really not feeling well today so that just wasn’t gonna happen. We didn’t get a chance to collect items over the weekend either so I just improvised with what we did have. You could also search the house for brown items like cheerios, beans, or even be crazy and make a colorful acorn.

Please check out my Pinterest page Homeschool: Fall for more acorn ideas.

This is one of my favorites pins that I have found and hope to try with my kids:


I will continue to pin activities that I find and/or use for Fall art projects on this board.





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