Don’t Rob Others of Their Blessings!

We’ve all heard the expression ‘It is better to give than to receive’ but what about when we are the receiver and not the giver?

I was once told, by an old preacher, that I should always accept things that are given to me. He told me that if I refused these kinds of gifts I may be robbing the giver out of a blessing.

Whoa! I had never looked at like that but now I do and I try to be as thankful as I can for everything even critical remarks and comments. I definitely don’t want to be considered a thief.

Sometimes God sends us things we need without us knowing that we needed them.

He may send them through other people because they are in need of a blessing as well. So swallow your pride and thankfully accept what has been given. This may be their way of showing love. (Look up the Five Love Languages for more information.) By accepting their gifts you are also helping them to grow in a more positive way.

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There have been many times where people have blessed me unexpectedly.

I have been in line at the grocery store on more than one occasion and had the person behind me pay for my groceries. I know I have thanked them and even cried because sometimes this has happened when I really wasn’t sure if I was going to need to put something back or not.

There have been other times when I was more than capable of taking care of my own needs and someone would bring me something. One time was when a pastor from the local church had shown up at Thanksgiving with a turkey and a box of food. I tried to turn him away and told him we really didn’t need it. About the time my old pastor’s words were coming to mind the pastor told me that a couple from the church had actually bought all of these items specifically for my family.

I was brought to tears to think about the kindness that was being bestowed on my little family. When I went to put away the food I knew that someone had chosen each and every item especially for my family. There were snacks and other items not usually included in the ‘Thanksgiving boxes’ and these items just happened to be some of my family’s favorite things. Things that I would splurge on every now and then for special occasions. Even now I am tearing up remembering that gift.

There have been so many occasions that God has brought me things in unexpected ways. I know that He loves me and I know that He has a plan. He has a reason for using others to provide us with things that we need. He may need us to show that person love, gratitude, and compassion. The giver may actually be receiving something far greater than what they have given.

When we accept gifts we are recognizing the kindness of the giver.

This can help to build relationships. We are also letting go of judgmental ideas such as ‘I don’t need this‘ or ‘I don’t deserve this’.

Many times we are afraid of accepting things because of the fear that they may expect something in return however is something is genuinely gifted to then nothing would be expected.

By swallowing our pride and accepting the gift(s) we are learning important lessons. When we have little ones we are also teaching them important lessons. We may also be setting ourselves up to receive even bigger blessings in the future.

So the next time someone offers me something I will be kind and accept it graciously. If I offer someone a gift and they refuse I will offer it again and ask them not to rob me of a blessing.

What has someone blessed you with recently?


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