Just Because: Not My Birthday Present

I’ve been teasing you all a bit with my ‘Just Because’ and I promise I am working on some posts. However I was surprised with a ‘Just Because’ moment this weekend.

Saturday, after my trip to Sam’s, Mr. Awesome showed up carrying some bags and a package. I asked him what he had, because I’m nosy, and he replied that it was my birthday present. I gave him a puzzled look and laughed… ‘Silly, its not my birthday!’.

He stopped and looked at me with a serious look. ‘Do you mean to tell me Tuesday isn’t your birthday?’

I realized it was a joke as Tuesday is Halloween… haha… am I really that mean?

Anyway he came inside without telling me what he had. I finished up what I was working on and then headed inside as well.

I found him busy in the kitchen setting up a new coffee maker. I had mentioned before that I wanted to get a Keurig but I was waiting for my old coffee maker to give out. He had purchased the K-Compact as he knows that I am always trying to save space here and this one is considerably smaller than some of the other models.

After unboxing it he cleared the old coffee maker off the counter. (It will be given to a friend.) He then proceeded to set it up, without reading the instructions, and plugged it in. Within 10-15 minutes I had a hot cup of coffee to sip on.

First step was to rinse everything out and fill the reservoir up with clean water.

Next was to power it up.

phone 1029 452.JPG

Then you place an empty cup underneath.

phone 1029 453

Lift and lower the lid which should make the three brew buttons starting blinking.

Press the small cup button to do your cleansing brew. Then discard the water.

Now you are ready to make your first cup. Place your cup underneath and select a K-cup.

phone 1029 450

Insert the K-cup and then close the lid. (Don’t take off the foil!) The three buttons will start blinking again. (Large mug=10 oz, Small mug = 8 oz, Small cup = 6 oz) Select your size and wait about a minute.

You can now enjoy your HOT coffee. (We have been able to get 2 cups of coffee out of each K-cup. We pour both cups into a larger insulated mug but this doesn’t work with the cappuccino or cocoa as they are too weak on the second cup.) Be careful when removing the used K-cup as it will be hot.

I am also looking into getting some of these reusable filters as I just purchased a new can of coffee.

Mr. Awesome also brought several packs of K-cups including Folgers Colombian, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Krispy Kreme Smooth, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, and Twinings Earl Grey Tea.

You can find a wide variety of K-cups to suit just about any taste including many assortment packs like Coffee, Tea, Cider, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Single Serve Cups For Keurig K Cup Brewers Variety Pack Sampler, Twinings Keurig 2.0 K Cup Sampler Assortment,  Coffee Variety Sampler Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Ultimate Hot Chocolate K-Cup Variety Sampler, and Coffee, Tea, Cider, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Single Serve Cups For Keurig K Cup Brewers Variety Pack.

I found a small drawer to store a variety of the k-cups in. After cleaning it up a bit we placed it underneath the napkin holder. It works perfect and I can refill it as needed. There are a variety of organizers you can buy also like Keurig Approved 3-tier K-Cup DrawerKeurig Brewed K-Cup Drawer, or K-Cup Carousel. I just happened to have the drawer on hand and it works.

I know that Christmas is coming up and I had kind of thought this would be a great Christmas gift to myself but now know it is a great ‘Just Because’ gift. Sometimes we don’t need to wait for a special reason or occasion to show those around us how much we care about them. Do you have something special you would like to do for someone? Don’t wait, do it now! Tomorrow is not promised so we really need to be sure that those around us know, today, how much they mean to us. That is the basic principle behind my ‘Just Because’ ideas.

(The peacock mug was another Just Because gift from my sister a while back.)


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