Daily Activities (Planned vs. Reality): October 23,2017 part 2

How has your day been? Ours has been CRAZYYYY! Lol… almost nothing went as planned and the day has been riddled with cranky kids, printer jams on top of printer jams, and kinked hoses… but we made it and I’m so ready for bed.

First things first though, if you read Daily Activities (Planned vs. Reality): October 23,2017 part 1 this morning then you know that we had a lot of things on the list to check off today. The morning started off well enough and I am so thankful that I did have that little bit of quiet time early this morning so I could start the day with a calm spirit.

Everything was going well until…

Everything went pretty well until somewhere around Morning Board/Circle Time and everyone had a good time with Shakespeare and were really interested in the passage we are memorizing right now. We spent a lot more time talking about it than we normally do.

We did eventually get to our Bible Lesson (Our Daily Bread for Kids) and some other activities.

We also started working from the Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue Book. The girls did some copy work to go along with our lesson on Attentiveness. DS5 still has a bit of a cold so he was kind of drifting here and there during Circle Time and DS4 decided he had a ‘sympathy cold’ so he just followed his brother around.


Morning Basket Activities Were A Bit CRAZY!

I had placed a couple of other books in the Morning Basket over the weekend. Books that I had found while looking for other stuff… still haven’t found what I was looking for though. One of them was this Pumpkin Patch activity book. I don’t remember where I found it but it looks like it was maybe Teachers Pay Teachers. Anyways there was a counting activity that involved cutting and gluing so out came the scissor/glue basket and that was the beginning of complete craziness!


They had a blast working on this project. DS14 didn’t get the whole concept of actually matching the number to the number of dots on the pumpkin and we had to work on that quite a while but DS4 got it in record time and finished before everyone else. He really loves cutting and gluing.

However, sight words were a completely different story. DS5 & DS14 were really hit and miss with today’s lesson, and DS4 wanted to join in which was a bit of a surprise, but they did enjoy doing a color sorting activity afterward. We will try these same sight words again tomorrow and see what happens. That’s one of the great things about homeschooling is that we can keep going over a lesson as long as we need to.

While they worked on this DD8 & DD10 worked on their studies. They did a variety of assignments for reading, spelling, vocabulary, and math.



Their least favorite was the list of poetry activity. I found this example on Pinterest after they were confused about the first example they had.

In between working with the kids, I was running back and forth to the wash shed, carrying out the trash (which is off and around the corner where I can’t watch the kids so I do it), and attempting to print out a few more fall/pumpkin-themed activities.

Then we had printer problems!

My color printer was acting up badly. First, I replaced the color ink and then I had a paper jam after paper jam. After several attempts to print one complete packet the black ink needed to be replaced. Then we had paper jams again and every time there was a paper jam it would freeze up my computer… Grrr! (Now that I think about it this printer had started acting up towards the end of our last school year when we had some projects that involved printing on cardstock. I am so thankful I haven’t placed a new order for ink yet.) I added ‘New Printer’ to my TO-DO list along with ‘Copy paper’.

I forgot about a snack!

So amidst all of this fun, I forgot to make snack which meant that a couple of the kids were getting really grumpy around 11:30ish. I didn’t get to make the lunchboxes earlier because of Shakespeare so I had to stop messing with the printer to fix lunch which did come together rather quickly. I fed the starving children and then we did a quick pick up and off to their rooms they went.

Unfortunately, I still had laundry to finish folding and putting away instead of being able to work on that ever-growing TO-DO list. (The washer had been filling up very slowly which I found was due to a kinked hose. I fixed the problem and was eventually able to finish washing clothes.)

Then when  I went to gather supplies for dinner, Crunchy Chicken, and remembered that I hadn’t found the French’s Onions at the grocery store so I swapped out another meal, Chicken Pillows, as I already had the ingredients for it.

The only Hot Spot that really got any attention was the table which we cleared of everything that didn’t absolutely need to be on it. I didn’t even get around to washing the breakfast dishes until after 2:00! Which DD18 stepped in and washed them up while I folded up my laundry. And the tea steeped long enough that it may actually be able to walk…lol.

Signing Time Volume 2 Playtime Signs DVD

After my clothes were folded and put away it started pouring down rain. This made me ever so thankful that I had finished the laundry and didn’t have to walk back and forth in the rain. However, this also meant that the kids wouldn’t be able to play outside either. They were content to watch a Signing Times DVD, today they watched the Playtime Signs DVD, and play quietly while DS5 camped out on my bed.

I also decided to bake a batch of cookies ‘Just Because’… I promise I’ll start some posts on this phrase soon.

Time slips away so fast sometimes…

When I finally sat down to do a little work on my computer time really got away from me. I checked some emails and saw that I really needed to work on my Amazon Affiliate stuff or they would be canceling my membership. (I’ve earned a whopping $0.27 since I started so it wouldn’t be a big deal if they canceled it.) Then I decided to research a couple of printers. Before I knew it the clock said 5:01! Oh my! It was time to put everything else on hold and start dinner which ended up being a bit later than usual.

So now I am eating dinner, which is very good, and typing the post. The kids are in the process of taking showers and getting PJs on. After the do a quick pick up then they will have a couple of cookies before bed. Then I will take my shower and finish up a few things around here.

The day wasn’t a total loss…

Today wasn’t a total loss and the house wasn’t a total disaster either. There was no Daily Mission, Weekly Tasks, or any other Missions/Tasks finished today either but I did remember to drink my water and eat half of a tuna sandwich! We also got everyone’s teeth brushed after breakfast and the bathroom got cleaned before the trash was carried off. (I found that DS14 had filled the bottle of hand sanitizer with water as I was cleaning.) I even managed to remember to empty the bathroom trash and carry it out too… Bonus Points! We pretty much rocked our homeschool day, without any meltdowns, which is always a great feeling!

All in all, it was a good great day just like every day is here! While things didn’t go according to plan and everything didn’t get crossed off it was OK. We managed to get the important things finished and the kids had a wonderful day. Yes, there were some stressful moments but that is to be expected.

I was able to work one on one with kids and when you see something click and the expression on a child’s face when they actually ‘get it’ that is priceless! Seeing the joy in a child’s face when they accomplish a task and the smile they give you when they bring their project for your inspection… Priceless! So many once in a lifetime moments that wouldn’t have happened if we were too stressed or worried about routines, or if we didn’t have our routines in place to make sure the necessary things were in place for these moments to happen.

Some days go better than others but we can always find something good in the days that feel like failures… Remember that tomorrow is another day for a fresh start. We will try our best to accomplish as much as we can but if we don’t get it all finished it will be OK too. I am excited to see what wonderful experiences we will have tomorrow.

I hope you all have a restful evening and a blessed week!

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