Getting Back To My Morning Routine

Hey everyone! I’m slowly getting back to routines and really hope to start blogging on a more regular basis. This move has really been crazy but as things are settling down we are starting to get back to our routines, and changing them as needed.

Just wanted to give you all a peek into our morning routine today and share some of what we’ve been up to.

Well, we’ve been sleeping in a bit this week as everyone had some kind of nasty stomach bug last week. No fun at all and it wore me out completely.

After I had a bit of quiet time and a cup of coffee I started on breakfast which was French Toast this morning. (The breakfast schedule is something I’ve really tried not to change and we all need a bit of consistency with our routines especially since so much has changed since we’ve moved.)


After breakfast we had our morning chores like clearing the table, sweeping the floor, brushing teeth, cleaning the bathroom, emptying the trash, feeding the kitty, etc.

I also decided to clean the stove top this morning and it looks so pretty I almost don’t wanna cook on it tonight.

After the morning chores were completed we started on schoolwork. Which let me tell you has been a bit of a chore in itself. I’ve rearranged the living area a few times to make it more comfortable and ‘user friendly’. We finally have an arrangement that we are more comfortable with and everyone has their own little ‘area’ for school work. This is a good thing because my back is killing me from all the moving around and rearranging!

We’ve also had to change our school routine around a bit. We now do our ‘independent work’ Mondays thru Thursdays and our ‘group studies’ are on Fridays. So far this is working out good but I will continue to make changes as we need to.

We are using the Highlights ‘Top Secret’ magazines in our group studies which seem to make it a bit more fun as everyone is learning about other countries.

The big girls are mostly independent and bring me their assignments as they finish them so I can go over them with them. I am always close if they have a problem too.

The boys had a blast doing some online jigsaw puzzles after they finished their work. They started out with some simple ones and eventually worked up to doing a 48 piece puzzle. Everyone also colored some pictures for Grandma after they finished up their work.

While they were occupied with that I was working on cleaning the stove and running back and forth to the washer and dryer. (We have our washer and dryer in a building outside right now as there are no hookups in the house. The freezer is also out there as well. A little bit inconvenient but I am thankful to have them somewhat close and I am really getting my steps in everyday…lol…)

I am patting myself on the back as I also remembered to grab the dryer balls, the lavender oil, scrounged up a little basket and carried them out to the shed. This was something I’ve been meaning to do for the past week!

I started some water for tea, put some chicken in the crock pot for Chicken Mexicana, and started on lunch which was PB & J with fruit. ( I had a little helper with the sandwiches.) 🙂


While the kiddos were eating lunch I grabbed the laundry from the dryer so the girls could get everything folded and putaway. (We have also tried to keep the laundry schedule about the same. Last week the old dryer went out so I got a little behind until we got my dryer installed this past weekend. The kids have also been ‘getting out’ of putting the laundry in the washer and switching it over to the dryer since the laundry is outside. I plan to start having laundry helpers soon though… or maybe not… having a few quiet minutes to myself isn’t really a bad thing.)

I also took care of a few phone calls, answered some emails, and did some other small tasks while they ate.

After the kiddos cleaned up their toys and went to their rooms for quiet time I put together one post and got to work on this one. (Yes, that is an apple in the floor… evidence of my fruit loving four year old.)


And this my friends is where Kirby’s Korner is presently being headquartered… lol… impressive isn’t it? That little chair in the corner is my ‘quiet spot’ where I sit in the morning with my coffee and my bible. (My bible, devotionals, and prayer journal are in a cabinet above the cart.)

My coffee has been replaced with water, in my beautiful peacock cup (thank you Mr. Awesome’s momma), and I still need to put the rags away from my earlier cleaning mission.

This morning was rather uneventful compared to yesterday. Yesterday seemed to be one temper tantrum after another with the kids. I did about 4 loads of laundry… washed, dried, and putaway. I also replaced some water supply lines in the bathroom. (I should’ve taken pictures of that.) I had a really hard time getting one of the nuts loose but finally remembered a trick involving the hair dryer and had it off in a couple of minutes. Now we have cold and hot water running to the bathroom sink… yay! There are so many little things that need done it feels like I’ll never get caught up sometimes.

Well, quiet time is just about over so I gotta get off of here and get back to work. I need to finish up the preparations for supper and I still need to decide on what outfit to wear to class tonight. It has been suggested that I should wear purple or yellow… hmmm…. that does narrow it down a bit though.

I’ll have to post again soon and show you all some pics of the outfits I have made recently and some of the other projects we’ve been working on. I’ll be sure to show you some more pics of the house soon and share some of our plans with you.

God Bless!

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