Awesome Hash Browns

I had tried my hand at hash browns a long time ago but just wasn’t able to get them to turn out the way I wanted them too. Normally if we ate hash browns it was the frozen patty kind which are good but I wanted something a little different.

Recently I made it a goal to learn how to make the perfect hash browns, well perfect for us, and I think I have finally succeeded! Below is the recipe I have been using the past couple of times to make them for my family. My kids say they are ‘Awesome’ and I have to agree.

Awesome Hash Browns

Awesome Hash Browns


  • 1-2 c. frozen or fresh hash brown potatoes, shredded **see note below
  • 1-2 T. Butter or margarine
  • 2-3 T. oil
  • onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, sliced (optional)
  • 1-2 c. cheese, shredded
  • salt and pepper to taste


Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the butter and cook the onions, mushrooms, and peppers until softened and browned. Remove the veggies from the pan and set aside.

While the veggies are cooking put the potatoes on a plate and microwave 2-3 minutes until slightly softened.

Add the oil to the pan that you cooked the veggies in.

When the oil is hot add the potatoes. Use the spatula to press the potatoes down into a layer that covers the bottom of the pan.

Let cook 2-5 minutes until slightly browned on the bottom. You can check the bottom by carefully lifting one edge with your spatula.

When browned, use the spatula the ‘cut’ the potatoes into quarters. Now flip each quarter and press down again.

Let cook another 2-5 minutes until slightly browned. Turn off the burner but leave the pan sit.

Top with the cooked veggies and shredded cheese. Cover and let sit 2-3 minutes until the cheese is melted.

Season with salt and pepper.


** note when using freshly shredded hash browns I rinse the potatoes in cold water and gently squeeze all of the water out and pat dry with a towel before cooking them in the microwave.

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