Family Outing: Jacksonville Zoo 6/10/2017

Well a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had a special outing planned. Unfortunately we did not get to go the weekend we planned to go because of the weather. We did go this past weekend and it was so much fun!

As you can imagine trying to take a many kids as we did (we took 7 kids, ages 4-14) can be a bit daunting but we managed. One of my sisters was also able to join us which helped out alot.

One of the things I do when we go on large family outings is to try to get everyone to wear the same color shirt. (I am thinking about ordering shirts for such occasions but haven’t gotten around to it yet.)

Another thing I have done in the past is to take a picture of each and every child just in case one of them wanders off or something unexpected happens. It is sad that we have to think of these things but it is best to always be prepared. I also keep a whistle in my pocket just in case of an emergency.

Another thing we do is to pack lunches and/or snacks and plenty of water. It happened to be a bit hotter than expected so we went through a lot of water. Luckily there were plenty of water fountains where we could also refill our bottles towards the end of our outing. We packed some good ole PB & Js for the trip, snack crackers, individual bags of chips, and a few other treats that needed to be used up around the house.

Everyone had a great time and I pray that these memories will be something they can look back on in the future. We plan to visit the zoo many more times, as we did invest in an annual pass, and hopefully see more exhibits and try out some of the other fun activities there as well. I normally try to do at least one ‘extra’ activity. We did ride the train and we also went to the Lego 4D theatre while we were there. It was an interesting experience and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Below are a few pics of the exhibits that we saw while we were there:

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