Two Monks and an Olive Tree

I read this story some time ago and it was told over the radio station not long ago. I just thought I’d share it with you all as well.

Some time ago there were two monks who had planted young olive trees at about the same time.

The first monk looked after his little tree very well. He tended to it daily and did his best to nurture it so it would grow into a beautiful tree.

One day he decided his little tree needed water so that it’s roots would grow strong and deep. He prayed to God for rain to come down for his young tree. God sent the rain.

Then the monk decided that his little tree needed sunlight. So he again prayed to God asking for the sun to shine down on his little trees. Again God provided.

Next the monk decided that his little tree needed to hardened by the cold. He prayed again and God sent a frost. Then the little tree died.

The monk told his story to the other monk who had also planted a tree. The second monk showed the first monk his tree which was growing quite well. When asked about his secret he said that he too had prayed to God. The difference being that he prayed for God to send what the little tree needed in order to flourish. God created the tree and He alone knows what was best for that little tree.

How many times have we prayed like that first monk? We ask God to send what we think we need when we feel that we need it. I am so guilty of doing this and I am finally starting to learn to pray like the second monk. I can say from my experience that the second monk was definitely onto something.

God knows what is best for each of us and he will provide us with what we need if we only trust in Him completely. I know how hard it is to turn over control but trust me you must surrender every part of your life to Him so that He can have His way and He will bless you more abundantly than you could ever imagine.

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