Waffle Day

There are actually 2 calendar days to celebrate waffles. National Waffle Day is March 25th and International Waffle Day is August 24th. Click here to learn more about these holidays.

Listed below are some links to various waffle recipes. I have even included one for pecan waffles as March 25th is also Pecan Day.

My Pancakes recipe can also be used for Waffles.

Classic Waffles Recipe – Allrecipes.com

SIMPLE HOMEMADE WAFFLES recipe | Epicurious.com

Basic Batter Waffles Recipe – Food.com

Easy Waffles – Martha Stewart

Pecan Waffles Recipe | Taste of Home

Fruit-Topped Whole Grain Waffles Recipe – Pillsbury.com

Blueberry Waffles Recipe – Food.com

153 Waffle Recipes | MrBreakfast.com

10 Best Fruit Waffles Recipes – Yummly

11 easy waffle topping recipes: Cinnamon roll, berry, cheesy and more …




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