A Close Call

It started with a 5am text. I wasn’t expecting it at all but it was a good thing I got it. (I have thanked my friend time and time again for that little message.)

After responding to the text I was unable to go back to sleep so I got up and went about my normal morning routines. When I came to the kitchen for a cup of coffee I noticed a smell. The smell of electrical wires that had gotten way too hot. It was a scary smell indeed and it triggered me to go into emergency mode.

I quickly made my way to the laundry room where the smell was the strongest. I suspected the freezer may have been malfunctioning but it seemed fine. I worked my around the room touching and checking everything in there. When I got to the breaker box it was HOT!

I immediately opened the door and went to cut the power off. Once the house was dark I called for my dad to come to the house. Fortunately  it doesn’t take him but 5 minutes or less to get here. My mind was racing while I waited for him and I had our evacuation procedures in my head and ready to sound the alarm, if needed.  Thankfully though I had caught it in time.

We were able to get the problem fixed and haven’t had any issues since. It was definitely a scary event that still comes to mind every now and then. I was so thankful that God had used my friend to send me that text so that I would be up and ready for what I was about to deal with.

After the event I thanked God for sparing us and for giving us more time together. We hear a lot about house fires and such. A fire is such a devastating event for families to deal with. Often times you lose all of your worldly possessions. It wasn’t the loss of possessions that scared me though. The thought of how fast a fire can spread terrified me and I was glad to know that we did have an evacuation plan and that we had practiced it.

I encourage everyone to not only thank God today for your family and friends but also to let them know how much they mean to you. Also please consider making an evacuation plan for your family and practice it in case of an emergency.

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