Rock N Learn: Preschool DVD

Rock N Learn: PreSchool is just one out of a whole series of DVDs that we use on a regular basis in our house. This particular DVD is geared more towards 2-5 years old, or preschool. My 14 year old son, who is special needs, really enjoys this DVD as well.

Below is a picture of the front and back of the case so you can see some of the skills that can be learned from this one DVD:

This is a picture of one of the many scenes on the DVD. My kids love seeing the letters and making the connections with the letters, sounds, and words.

This is another scene that the kids really loved. Who doesn’t love Old MacDonald?

There is also some basic math included. My 14 year old is now able to say his numbers, most of the time, from 1-20. There are also basic shape activities included.

There are parts of the DVD that teach about different animals. They are also learning how to spell simple words.

Lately my four, ahh he’s five now!, year old has been asking me how to say words and phrases in Spanish. He is so eager to learn! This DVD also has some of the basics in Spanish and it is enough to keep him satisfied for now.

And add in a few nursery rhymes as well. They really love these and it has helped my older girls with some grammar review.

My kids love the music and the happy faces on the DVD. They will beg for me to start ‘school’ so they can watch it. I usually put this on for the boys in the morning while the girls are getting started on their work.

This gives me a chance to get myself organized and get the computers set up. I can also go through the work I have printed out for the day and decide how I need to go about getting it all finished. The boys will watch 20-30 minutes of the DVD and by then I am usually ready for them to get started on their lessons.

We also rotate DVDs from the house to the car. They love to watch these DVDs and they just think it is a special treat to watch TV. They are learning and having fun which is always a good thing in my book.

This company has many DVDs on many subjects and we use several of them. I will try to touch on them as I go through them so maybe you can find something that could help your kids as well. We use them in our homeschooling but they are great to use with kids who aren’t homeschooled as well.

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