Pick-A-Trick Matching Letters And Sounds!

This is a product that we have recently started using in our home. The kids love it because it is a game but I love it because they are having fun while learning!

I have taken some pictures of a few of the different activities and features on the game. I bought this from Lakeshore Learning. My wish list is long, very long but I try to wait until I find a coupon code or a sale and use them to my advantage. They have a lot of products for just about every homeschool style/need you may have.

This first pictures are just the front/back of the case. You can see the basics and the skills that are targeted with this game.


These are pictures of the lesson. It goes through the alphabet and gives them a basic introduction to the Uppercase and Lowercase letters.


Once they finish with the lesson they can choose an activity to do:

This is Lowercase to the Uppercase activity. There are instructions to play in the beginning too, if you need them.

Once they have completed three rounds they can choose a trick for the bear to do.

The 3 year old got a little impatient but he enjoyed getting through his lesson to see the trick.

This is on the 2nd level and matches the Uppercase to the starting sound. This is an area where my DS14(special needs) really needs help.


He helped the 3 year old with this screen. They took turns back and forth. Teamwork is important too!

This is a feature that I really like. I can print out the report to put into portfolios and to help me see the areas they may need more help with.

All in all my kids are really enjoying this and they are learning. It is important for us to incorporate a variety of different activities so each child is eager to learn.

I hope you enjoyed this product and I will continue to post about other products and activities that we are using.

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