We have a salad with a lot of our dinners through the week. Most of the time it is a very simple salad but it can be made into substantial meal of its own.

Generally I use romaine lettuce and I try to add some baby spinach to it. If it is growing season I will use leaf lettuce and whatever veggies I have available. I look for sales at the store and try to incorporate other veggies as I can get them.

You can add almost anything but normally we have lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes. My kids really like ranch so I will toss the salad with dressing before serving.  This helps keep the kids from drowning their veggies in a sea of ranch. 

You can also cooked meats to your salad to make it into a meal. Throw in some diced boiled eggs for a little extra protein.

I will sometimes make some chicken salad or tuna salad with a side salad, a scoop of cottage cheese, a sliced boiled egg, anda few slices of peaches on the side. It’s the perfect lunch or light dinner.

Throw in some shredded cheese too if you like. The possibilities are endless. Experiment with different combinations until you find something your family enjoys.

Kids are more likely to eat it if they help with the prep. Mine like to cut the cherry tomatoes in half with a butter knife. They also like to stir the ranch when we mix it up.

Salads are good all the way around. They can help you sneak in some extra servings or fruits or veggies. They are full of fiber and lots of vitamins depending on what you put in it. They can also help you feel fuller. Salads can also help to balance out a meal that may be lacking in certain areas.

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