January 7, 2017

Well today has been a day. Oh, what a day!

Full of tons of excitement as the boys have been pretending to be super heroes for the past two days. Which means that they have been dragging blankets around, tucked into the back of their shirts, everywhere they go. They eat with their capes, their sleep with their capes (using them as blankets), and they play with their capes.

Jacob has been getting up super early and this morning was no exception. He wanted peanut butter apples first thing this morning.

For breakfast we had Dutch Puff with applesauce. Joey has decided this is his new favorite food and has requested it for his birthday dinner next week. Not so sure that is going to happen but we’ll see.

The kids saw the how windy it was and decided that today would be a good day to fly a kite. Well, it’s cold and rainy so we agreed that we would wait for another day and then one of them suggested we should have a ‘kite day’ in March. So I will try to put that on the calendar for then.

The kids were cleaning up the playroom and I was fixing them some lunch when Joey asked me if his sister was still coming today. He says, ‘Remember Momma, she wants some mollies’. I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about until I glanced at the calendar, which I should’ve looked at this morning, and saw that I was supposed to make tamales!

This threw me into a bit of panic mode but everything was OK. (Yes, those are bananas in my mixer bowl. I have been buying more fruit and just use the bowl to store the extras when I am not using the mixer.)

So I scurried around a few minutes and got everything together and set to work putting together the tamales. The kids were down for naps so they didn’t get to help me this time around.


After putting together a big plate of tamales it was time to cook them.


While they were cooking I cleaned up a bit and snacked on some of the leftover chicken and salsa mixture.

Then I got to work on the Hot Fudge Sundae Cake for dessert. All the while Joey, who was supposed to be napping, kept coming up with ideas for his upcoming birthday. He wants an ‘Indominus Rex’  cake. Hmmmm…. not so sure that I can pull that off but we’ll see.

I finished up dinner around 5:00. We had yellow rice and black beans to complete the meal. Everything tasted so good!

It always amazes me how I can spend hours making a meal and then they can scarf it down in a matter of minutes!

We had a good visit with my oldest daughter. The kids watched ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and had lots of fun. 

Then bedtime came around and Jacob was crying for his ‘friend’. His new friend is ‘Silly Raptor’. (I think this is an imaginary friend.) We finally got him settled in bed with the promise that we would try to find her in the morning. 

I am headed to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is another day and another start but I know I’ll need as much energy as I can get. 



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