Boiled Eggs

We like eggs no matter how they are cooked. I love them in salads, deviled, and even pickled. All of these recipes call for boiled eggs though. That elusive boiled egg that seems like it should be so easy but can make even the calmest cook lose patience when the eggs refuse to give up those shells without making a mess of the egg beneath.

One of my fondest memories revolves around my mom-mom, my mom, and me in the kitchen trying to peel eggs. My mom-mom had her way to do it and my mom had her way. Me, I hadn’t a clue and we laughed so much at each of our attempts. It was a wonder that we managed to have enough eggs to make the deviled eggs that day!

There are a million and one, at least, ways to make a boiled egg. We can make them on the stove, in the microwave, in the oven, and I think there are gadgets to make the perfect boiled egg. I don’t know about all the other methods but this is the tried and true method we use here.

I recently found an even easier way to boil eggs using my Power Cooker. Check out this method HERE.

Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs


  • 6 eggs
  • water
  • 1 T. salt, optional


Make sure you have a pot big enough to hold your eggs easily. You can easily double or triple this recipe as long as your pot can hold them.

Poke a small hole in the large end of each egg. I keep a push pin in the kitchen drawer for this.

Place your eggs in the pot making an even layer on the bottom of the pan. DO NOT layer the eggs. They should all rest comfortably on the bottom.

Fill the pan with enough water to cover the eggs at least 1-2 inches over. Add the salt to the water.

Put the pot on the stove and cook on medium – medium-high heat until the water starts to boil. Boil for 2 minutes.

Remove the pot from the heat and cover. Let sit 15 – 20 minutes.

Drain the eggs into a colander in the sink and cover the eggs with ice. Let sit another 5-10 minutes. The ice will help the shells pull away from the egg.

Once the eggs are cool you can begin to peel them.

I gently crack the egg all around. Then peel a little bit from the center or one end. Take a small metal spoon and use it to run between the shell and the egg. The shell should come right off.

Rinse the egg to remove any bits of shell. Lay it on a paper towel to dry while you finish the remaining eggs.

You can leave them in the shell and put them in the refrigerator for up to a week but I prefer to peel them right away.

Normally I will place the peeled, dried eggs into a plastic container with a tight lid. They will stay good up to a week but they don’t usually last that long here.

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