Daily School Routine

Below is a copy of the checklist I made for the kids. This is just a simple checklist for their independent work. The pictures help the younger ones who can not yet read. DS14 also works best if he has a visual guide to follow.We have a few things that we do as a group, like our Bible studies, which are not included on the list.

I have found that this helps to keep them motivated as they can visually see what needs to be completed before they get to play. This also helps keep me organized as I can check their lists too.

I printed them out in color and laminated a copy for each child so they can check them off with a dry erase marker. I will also be posting a copy on our bulletin board in the kitchen as that is where we do the majority of our school work.


If your kiddos seem to have trouble remembering what needs finished or if they are constantly asking you what they need to do next maybe you should try making them a checklist as well. It will not only keep you from being so frazzled but will also help to make them more independent and responsible.

Happy Schooling!

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