When life happens

If we’re on social media we always see pictures of everybody else’s lives. Many times the pictures look so perfect and pretty but in reality they’re not.

For instance, at Thanksgiving, I took some pictures of some beautiful pies but to start with these pies were anything but beautiful.


Then we have kids. We always see pictures of all fun crafts that we make. Rarely do we see when crafting goes wrong.

I had read somewhere that it was important to keep art supplies out to inspire children. I had also seen research about how important it was to allow them freedom of creativity.

After reading several post and researching ideas on Pinterest I had set up my own art center. Our school scissors were quickly locked back up after my one daughter was ‘inspired’ to give herself a haircut.

hair cut.jpg

Many times we see pictures of the beautifully organized playroom and school rooms. All the toys neatly organized in little cubbies. Activity tables sitting out for the kids to work on. But this is the reality of having all of those wonderful things when you find a snake in the house.


Just remember that each of us must do what works for our family. Have fun with whatever it is that you’re doing. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. And remember that life happens and that’s OK. We live and we learn that’s why it’s all about.

So just keep on making memories and enjoy your family. One day you’ll look back on these not so perfect moments and be able to laugh at them I promise.

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