November 27, 2016: Rare Occurrence


It’s a little before 7:00 am and the kids are still SLEEPING! This is a rare occurrence here at my house. I plan on surprising the littles with one of their favorite breakfasts, Monkey Bread.

The quiet doesn’t last long…

Well, the quiet didn’t last long as Mr. W started calling from his room which is right off the kitchen. He needed to go to the bathroom and said he was cold. Upon further inspection, I found that he had put his clothes hamper over top of the heater vent. Silly boy! We fixed the problem and he is now snug as a bug.

Of course, when he went to the bathroom he told everyone else that Mommy was awake and that the kitchen light was on. (We have a rule that everyone stays in their room, with the exception of going potty, and plays quietly until the kitchen light comes on. I almost always have it on by 7:00.) One by one I heard littles making their way to the kitchen to inquire about breakfast.

They will usually ask what day it is as we have the same things for breakfast during the week. When I said it was Sunday my youngest (3) started the guessing game. He saw the butter and the brown sugar and guessed oatmeal. When I said, ‘No’, he grabbed a stool to better inspect the ingredients. When he spotted the biscuits his little face lit up with a huge smile. He screamed,’Monkey Bread’, and got down to announce it, everyone.

He came back in to help with assembling this tasty treat. The kids love to whack the cans on the side of the counter. Then they love to shake the biscuit pieces in the cinnamon/sugar mixture. (I put them in a large Ziploc container with a tight-fitting lid so they can shake away.) He did a crazy monkey dance while shaking the pieces and he had so much fun!

He is a very inquisitive child, actually all of my children are, and he asks questions about EVERYTHING! He asked about the pan we were using. I told him it was a bundt pan, which he pronounces button pan, and he wanted to know what else we could make in the button pan.

When I was adding the sugars to the butter he wanted to stir. So perched on his stool he carefully stirred the mixture with his fork, that he had gotten by himself, while I began to clean up the mess. He watched as I poured the syrupy mixture over the biscuit pieces.

We placed our button pan in the oven and he informed me that I should set the timer so I wouldn’t forget about it. Smart kid! He knows how distracted his Momma can get sometimes and he wants to make sure his Monkey Bread doesn’t get forgotten about.

Cherish the little moments!

I cherish these moments because I know how quickly they pass and become distant memories. I can remember when his big brother (now 23) would beg for Monkey Bread. He loved it, and stills does, just as much as these little guys do. Looking back I know that too often I got preoccupied with things that weren’t really as important as I felt they were at the time.

I have the unique opportunity of a ‘second chance’ of sorts. I can use my past experiences as a mother to guide me with raising the littles I have now. I remember the things we loved to do, the things we always wanted to do, and the things we probably should have done but didn’t. I have the ‘been there, done that’ experience that so many people don’t have when they first start their families.

I am so blessed…

I have also been so blessed that God has allowed me to be a stay at home mom right now. He provides for us in so many ways and He guides my path. I know one of those things I have wished I could’ve done with my older kids was to home school them. I had toyed with the idea but never followed through with it. Well, I got the little push I needed to step out and try it now and we haven’t looked back. I know this isn’t for everyone but it works for us.

God has also blessed me with many lessons from my failed marriages. Things have been really hard for us at times but He is using these hard times to teach us and to mold us into what He wants us to be. These lessons are making me a better mother, sister, and friend every day. I think they are also preparing me for a better relationship that may come along in the future. God is so good!

Well, there goes the timer, the kids are getting hungry, and grandpa is getting upset because he can’t hear the news over the kids. Let the day begin!

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