November 26, 2016: Keeping the Spirit of Thanksgiving Alive

Today is another great and wonderful day! I want to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive in my heart and in the hearts of everyone around me. Sometimes it is so much easier to find things to complain about than to be thankful for what we have in front of us.

Looking back…

Looking back on this week I can see how many things didn’t go as planned. How I reacted to those things greatly changed the whole attitude of those around me and those I interacted with. I tried my best to stay upbeat and positive even when I was sick and having a bad day. (I’m not saying I didn’t have my moments but I tried.)

After making my ‘secret‘ public, that lifted a big weight off my shoulders too. Even though it wasn’t a grand revelation or life-shattering event that others have made it out to be it did help me to just get it out.

I’m not perfect…

I’m not perfect, never have been and never will be on this side of heaven. I fall short every single day. That is the most amazing thing about God. His mercy and grace are there for us and he loves us no matter what we have done. Each and every day is a new opportunity to start fresh. I am so thankful for that!

Today I will be making up a quick grocery list and I may run to town for a bit. I found an article yesterday, A Healthy Diet For $20 A Week, that follows some of the same principles I use on my tight budget weeks.  This would also be a good beginning point for couples just starting out or people who may be wanting to cut back on their food budgets a little. I plan to look over it and try to come up with some ideas for my family menus also.

Looking for motivation…

I guess now that Thanksgiving is over we should probably take down our Fall decor and start putting up Christmas decorations. Of course, that also means we will need to drag the tree out of storage too. I’m not sure I have the energy for that today so I may just concentrate on getting the Fall decor put away. Then we maybe we can at least drag the Christmas decor out of the building. Who knows, maybe seeing all the decorations may motivate me to get them put up.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

P.S. Did I mention how thankful I am to each and every reader? I pray that you can find some hope, inspiration, and maybe a little laughter to help you get through your day!

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