Coming Home

At this time of year, many of us will be traveling to visit friends and family. Some of us will be headed back to our childhood homes. Often times this can create a flood of memories and emotions that can overwhelm us.

We had planned to visit with family but a nasty stomach bug has hit our house so I think we will be staying home. However yesterday I was blessed with my own ‘coming home’ experience. It was a precious moment, to say the least.

I had only left to run a couple of errands but my littlest was still napping when I had left. He always likes to tell me goodbye and make sure that I know he will be missing me while I am gone.

When I pulled into the drive I saw him come running from one side of the play yard to where he could see me better. He was jumping up and down and waving. It was his little smile though that got me. He was lit up from ear to ear with genuine happiness.

As I pulled behind the house to park I could hear him yelling, ‘Mommy’s home, Mommy’s home’. I brought in the groceries and headed to my room to put up a couple of things. I heard him come in and start searching for me. He quickly went from room to room asking others where I was.

When he found me he was still wearing that sweet smile. He hugged me so tightly and I could feel his happiness and joy transferring to me. Of course, I picked him up and hugged that little guy right back. It was a beautiful moment. I know there will probably come a day when he doesn’t want to hug me so I will cherish this little moment.

This made me realize that coming home and being welcomed by those who love us and are genuinely happy to be with us is such a wonderful feeling. They will bring us joy and love and it will bless us in so many ways.

So, no matter what is going on around you right now, please remember to take a few moments during this holiday season to make sure that those you love really know that you love them. Give them a ‘coming home’ experience that they will cherish forever. It will not only bless them but will bless you as well.

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