God uses cracked pots

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.  -Jeremiah 18:4

I know that often times we get caught up in things we believe we ought to be doing, the way we should look, or where we should be in life. Sometimes we wonder if we are too damaged or flawed to be of use anymore or to be able to do what we need to do. Maybe we have things in our past that we are not proud of, things that have chipped away at our self confidence, esteem and maybe even our reputation.

We look at others and compare ourselves to them. ‘If onlys’ start to flood our minds. If only I had more money, or if only I was a bit thinner, prettier, or a better mom. We start to see how flawed we are, we see every little chip and crack in ourselves. We doubt our abilities and think we can never be enough.

The truth is that we all have flaws, each and every one of us, and we are all cracked or chipped in one way or another. It may not always show on the outside. We need to wear our cracks with pride because they are reminders of what we’ve been through and how far we’ve come. We can use our cracks as our testimonies to the power of God’s grace and mercy.

We all struggle with things in our lives. It could be illnesses, money problems, or maybe we just don’t feel like we can be the person we need or want to be because of our past. We feel like things keep holding us back. Maybe we are trying to be a ‘better person’ but we find ourselves struggling with things like devotions or daily prayer. We can begin to feel like God is withholding His blessings from us.

If we take a deeper look we may find that we are the one who is actually stopping God from pouring out His blessings on our lives. We are too caught up in what is wrong with us or our lives that we forget to be thankful for what He has done and what He has given us. We need to pray that God will show us His will and His plans for our lives. Pray that He will help us to accept ourselves and our flawed, cracked pots as He accepts us. He looks at the beauty within the pot.

He can and will use our cracks for His glory if we will let Him work through us. He needs our pots to crack so that He can enter in and fill us with His love and grace. When we surrender to His will then it will be His love and grace that others will see through our cracks. His light will shine out brighter and brighter with every crack. So in a sense, the more cracked and broken we become as we surrender our will to His will, then the more He will be able to use us for His glory.

Don’t try to hide your cracks, don’t be ashamed of your flaws. Ask God to help you accept them, each and everyone of them, and use them for His glory. He will create a more perfect and beautiful pot than you could ever imagine.

Below are some links to the story of the cracked pot. If the video doesn’t work you can use the link below to read the story.

The Cracked Pot


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