Who can you count on? (Especially when you have a wedding to save.)

Original Blog Post-June 6, 2016
I haven’t posted in a bit as I have been super busy around here. My oldest daughter got married last Friday!
Last-minute struggles, cancellations, and changes had us all running a little crazy around here. Lucky for us we have a BIG family and a few very loyal friends.

The week before…

The week before the wedding the photographer had canceled and the catering plans were changed. There were other issues like no one had finished the music, dresses still needed altering and other last-minute things. We dealt with each issue one at a time.
Then the Saturday before the wedding I was informed of yet another change in the menu and learned that we would need to provide the sides, desserts, and drinks for 100 people! I was talking to a friend when I learned the news. She immediately jumped in and offered to help as she had some experience with helping a friend before. She gave me a few recipes to use and I found a few of our favorites so I made a list, actually a few lists.
**This post does contain affiliate links for some of the products that we used.

Two days before…

Then the Wednesday before the wedding was spent shopping. I mean like ‘I never want to set foot in another grocery store again’ kind of shopping.
After the morning trip to Sam’s Club, I had to come home to unload my Yukon which was filled to the top. My sister and her friend had just gotten here from out of town and they offered to go with me to finish. We headed to Wal-Mart, Michael’s and I think there may have been a couple of other stops along the way before the truck was filled and needed to be unloaded again.
We’ve all seen the memes about grocery shopping and then ordering pizza, well that was exactly what I did that day.
There was wedding stuff all over the kitchen counters, the kitchen table, folding tables, all the way to my bedroom door. It was complete chaos. They helped me to sort and organize so we would have a good starting point for Thursday which was to be our major cooking day.
No photo description available.
That night we sat on the porch with glue guns and finished up some candle holders, we rolled silverware and finished up some of the decorations that we needed for the tables. Links to individual products will be posted at the end. 

The day before…

No photo description available.

Then Thursday was CRAZY! We started early in the morning. We made coleslaw (have you ever seen coleslaw for 100?), potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, cupcakes, individual banana puddings, deviled eggs and we chopped massive amounts of fruit and veggies for trays.
The edible seashells were much prettier in person!
I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help though. Another two of my sisters had come to help along with my friend and a friend’s daughter.
That night another friend was here and he brought the ice and helped us to load the RV for the morning. It was pretty late when we finished and later yet before my daughter got home so we could finish getting her things ready.

Wedding Day…

No photo description available.
The little boat in the right corner is what we put together to hold the drinks.
The next morning I mentioned to my friend that the canoe they had wanted for the wedding had not materialized. He left and quickly reappeared with wood, a saw, and a drill and made her a canoe for drinks. It was amazing and so wonderful to see someone so dedicated to making sure she had the best day ever.
So we had a little bit of a late start but we got everyone on their way. The bride headed out to her appointments and errands and we started on our almost 2-hour journey. The guys sat up front driving and talking while us women-folk sat in the back just chatting away when we heard a noise.
A belt had broken and we ended up on the side of the interstate!
Luckily though one of my sisters was following and she was able to take my dad to get the parts. We had a little roadside picnic and waited. I’ll admit it was a little hard to keep the faith as time passed with little progress.
In the midst of our troubles, I got a text from the caterer saying they were on the way! Then my phone quit working. Talk about stressful! I trusted that the guys would get us going and they did. Soon we were on the way again. Our little cushion of time we had planned on had quickly dissipated. I was able to make a few calls and send a few texts in between my phone’s frequent meltdowns.
No photo description available.
We got there and my friends and family got to work. They were amazing! They were wonderful! The groom’s family had also been hard at work with many preparations and seeing everything come together was so AMAZING!


They did an absolutely beautiful job even as I felt I was failing miserably at keeping it together.
My brother and one of my sisters stepped in and grabbed the kids to get them ready, my mom and sisters put together trays, one of which I managed to dump on the ground, my friends set up the tables and got the food out and ready.
Just some of the silverware we rolled on Wednesday!
Our friends and family really made this whole thing a success.

The Ceremony

I had been nervous about the ceremony as I was the officiant and this was my first wedding. When it finally started, almost an hour behind schedule, it was surreal.

It was a bit chaotic but when she came walking down the beach beside her brother, who was in uniform, it was so beautiful. To be able to stand there and watch them take their vows and dedicate their love for each other was amazing.
Now that it is all over and done with we are going through all of the beautiful pictures and I can truly see just how blessed we are!
Image may contain: 10 people, including Amaury Isidor and Cody Gibbons, people smiling
I think everything turned out the way it was meant to and we were blessed to see how many people came together to make her wedding such a wonderful memory. We are so thankful to have them all in our lives and to know that we can truly count on them when we need them!

Just a few more fun pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Links to some of the products we used for this beach-themed wedding:

(many of the table decorations also served as wedding favors)
I believe she found her dress on eBay or Wish.

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