Original Blog Post-April 5, 2016
As we live our lives we learn that sometimes things don’t always turn out as we planned.
Things don’t stay the same and forever doesn’t always mean forever.
Life is not always easy but as long as we learn from our mistakes and keep getting back up then we will be successful.

The past few years have been hard for our family.
Dealing with many issues like adoptions, births, and family members moving out of the house to start new lives.
We have also made the decision to begin homeschooling our children and that in itself has had resulted in its own set of challenges but it has also been a blessing to us in so many ways.
We have many challenges in life and we just have to learn to adjust and find ways to work around them or sometimes to work with them.
Today’s burden may become tomorrow’s blessing.
I am starting this blog with the hopes of helping other families, as well as my own, with some of life’s problems and disappointments.
I pray that we can be a blessing to others who may be going through similar situations.
Keep checking back in with us and I’m sure that my posts will get better with time.
May God bless each and everyone who reads and follows us on this journey called LIFE.

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